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Dedicated to a better tomorrow

ONEnergy is an industry-leading supplier of affordable energy and energy efficiency products and solutions for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential consumers. We understand that each of our customers is unique, and make it our priority to provide all the information and options available to help them make the best choice based on their individual needs.

From LED lighting retrofits to cutting-edge energy storage solutions, energy commodity and more, ONEnergy unites domestic and international expertise with market-leading solutions for your toughest energy and sustainability challenges.

We are constantly growing and adapting to provide businesses with the very latest in sustainable energy efficiency and green energy solutions, and believe that helping customers manage long-term energy costs will positively affect the planet in a big way, which is the main reason for everything we do.

Stock Exchange Listing

ONEnergy shares are listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol OEG.

Investors Contact Information:

Ray de Ocampo

Chief Financial Officer

+1 (416) 444-4848

Investor and media relations:

Beverly Brooks

Brooks Communications

+1 (416) 546-2336