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Energy Efficiency

Updating to LED Lighting is Easy

Is the lighting in your business more than three years old? If so, it's likely outdated and inefficient, making now the perfect time to upgrade to state-of-the-art and highly-efficient LED lighting.

No matter what type of lighting is currently implemented in your facility, converting to LED is easy with ONEnergy's professional LED retrofitting service.

Not only will an LED retrofit maximize your ROI and dramatically reduce your monthly utility bills, when you install an energy efficient LED lighting system, you are eligible to receive cash incentives of up to 50% or more off your project costs (depending on province/state and utility).

The retrofit process is relatively simple and ONEnergy is there for you throughout the entire process to ensure the transition is as seamless as possible.

To start saving money, simply call ONEnergy and book your NO-COST lighting audit. Our experienced technicians will visit you to review your existing lighting demands and will then:

  • calculate and show you your savings
  • prepare and submit your incentive program application
  • show you your expected rebate and payback period
  • ensure your success with the incentive program
  • furnish LED lighting products selected specifically for your project to ensure the highest performance at the most competitive cost
  • provide professional installation, including all permitting
  • if desired, arrange 100% financing through our financing partners PNC Equipment Finance and SNAP Commercial Finance
  • manage receipt of your government rebates

The end result? Better lighting throughout your facility, reduced carbon emissions, and a significant monthly savings on your electricity bill!

It's that easy.

Don't delay - start saving money today. Contact ONEnergy and let our certified experts help you make it happen.