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Energy Efficiency

Energy storage can help you manage power costs and outages

What if there was a way to get the power you need while reducing ever-rising power costs?

The PowerCor™ by ONEnergy can drastically reshape how homeowners and businesses use energy to reduce their energy costs.

Designed around world-leading lithium-ion battery technology from LG Chem, the PowerCor™ system creates a stored power supply of 2-6 hours.

Why store energy?

  • Demand charge management - ideal for businesses subject to large demand charges
  • Peak shaving - use lower-cost stored energy during peak hours to avoid high rates
  • Global Adjustment mitigation - for large industrial energy users in Ontario, Global Adjustment charges represent a large part of your electricity costs. Energy storage can help you significantly reduce your GA costs by peak shaving during the 5 top coincident peaks during the year, resulting in a reduction in your GA factor
  • Off-peak energy storage - store your energy during off-peak hours to ensure you're using power when costs are lowest
  • Renewables integration - combined with solar, you can go green by using less of the grid's power and more of your own stored solar power from your ONEnergy PowerCor™
  • Power quality - protect sensitive systems from unpredictable and damaging power grid fluctuations and outages
  • Emergency backup systems - power outages aren't a problem as you'll always have the power you need, anytime
  • Highly scalable systems - from small, residential 6.4 kWh systems up to multi-megawatt large industrial and utility-scale solutions

PowerCor™ incorporates the best technology available:

  • Bi-directional inverters from top industry provider including Ideal Power, ABB, Schneider and Eguana Technologies
  • Fully-integrated Energy Management System (EMS) including full online monitoring and renewables integration with either new build or existing solar
  • LG Chem lithium-ion battery modules with a minimum 10-year warranty
  • A fully UL certified product solution with professional system design and engineering, installation and service

Integrate your PowerCor™ energy storage with clean, renewable energy

Dramatic declines in the price of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems have made it a very cost-competitive source of electricity in many provinces and states. The addition of energy storage to a solar PV installation increases the usefulness and flexibility of solar, allowing you to store excess solar electricity for use at night and on darker days.

The PowerCor™ is ideally suited for a broad range of renewable energy sources - and rooftop PV solar is a perfect fit. Combining a rooftop PV solar energy system with the PowerCor™ provides you with a fully-integrated renewable electricity generation and storage system.

Why LG Chem lithium-ion battery technology?

With LG Chem, quality is expected as it is one of the world's largest and most successful manufacturers of lithium-ion battery technology.

LG Chem's technology is extremely well-tested and proven. In fact, it's the technology used in many electric and electric-hybrid automobiles, as well as in utility-scale energy storage applications ranging from single-family homes up to a 32 MWh, utility-scale system in southern California.

This 32 MWh system provides enough energy storage to power 32,000 average size homes for 1 hour!

By selecting PowerCor™ for your energy storage system, you will receive leading, proven technology with outstanding service and support.

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